The #1 foundation tip for South Asian skin, according to Beyonce’s makeup artist

Celebrity makeup artist Sir John is responsible for some of Beyonce’s, Priyanka Chopra’s and Jourdan Dunn’s best beauty looks. Here’s how he creates the perfect flawless base for South Asian skin.

Creating the perfect foundation base is tricky enough – but it’s admittedly a lot harder for those of us with South Asian skin tones. (And by South Asian, we mean if you’re of Indian, Pakistani, Afghan, Sri Lankan – even Middle Eastern – descent.)

And yes, we hear you: you can’t paint broad brush strokes when it comes to skin tones within an ethnic group, there are a few general characteristics common among South Asians: namely, darker pigmentation under our eyes, around our mouths, and also a darker forehead area.

While dark circles and pigmentation around your mouth may be quickly corrected with a peach or orange corrector, it’s a little trickier for the forehead (since it occupies a larger area of your face – more so for those of us with a five-head!).

Here’s the eternal dilemma when it comes to picking the right shade: matching your foundation to your forehead will make it too dark for the rest of your face and body. On the other hand, matching it to the lower half of your face will leave your upper half looking really ashy. Which is basically every brown girl’s Achilles heel.

Which is why when Sir John, a.k.a. Beyonce’s celebrity makeup artist, shared how creates the perfect base for South Asian skin, our ears perked up. After all, if there’s anything he knows, it’s how to make brown skin looking deliciously healthy, bronzey and glowy. In short, Beyonce-worthy. (He’s also done the likes of Priyanka Chopra, Jourdan Dunn, and more.)

According to Sir John, the secret to finding the perfect foundation match for your skin is to actually buy a foundation to match your forehead and the rest of your face each. Apply the deeper shade to the darker perimeters of your forehead, and the lighter one to match the rest of your face.

Granted, it’s not the most budget-friendly makeup tip, but with excellent drugstore foundations available today, there are certainly ways to go around it. And hey, it certainly promises you the perfect face of foundation – which saves us from the eternal struggle of finding the ideal shade for our complexion.

So if you’ve ever wondered how Priyanka and Beyonce never look patchy on the red carpet despite the blinding camera flashes, this is how. We’re definitely taking pointers.

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